Growers Grew Medical Cannabis During Winter in Ireland.

This is a guide from our friend Liam who grows medical cannabis here in Ireland.

In this guide, Liam and Tom will tell us about how they grew cannabis over Wicklow mountains to help cure Liam’s skin cancer. Lads used strongest cannabis weed strains they could find and overall this is an Amazing story. Read on. Before you start growing you might need to find a Cannabis Seeds Bank Ireland to start growing amazing strains.

WINTER. Select a location

Winter is a great time to choose a place for partisan cultivation. Where exactly you plant your hemp is the most important decision of all. If you are a happy owner of a summer house or kitchen garden in the village and there are no uninvited guests there, consider that you have found the ideal place, but most groomers have to partisan, and this variant of cultivation has its own peculiarities. Although we do not approve the cultivation of cannabis on public lands, we also understand that people are doing it and will do it. All that remains for us is to warn Grover of gross mistakes that will lead to the discovery and loss of crops or to something worse. Irelands weather sometimes is a true wonder with massive fluctuations from sunny to cold.

Find a place where hardly anyone happens, whether it’s fishermen, mushroom pickers or hunters. A clearing with a power line may seem like an ideal place for you, but this is only until there is a sudden break in the wires. The best places are the most inaccessible, for example, among thickets of prickly bushes, nettles, raspberries or some sort of elevation far from well-groomed paths. Some growers prefer to hide their planting in reeds, but on marshy soil hemp may not grow at all, so you’ll have to use pots.

Going to the plantation, think of an alibi (hunting, fishing) and take with him what will confirm it, that is, a gun or a fishing rod. If possible, choose the slopes facing south, and do not forget about what your plantation will look like from a height. I’m not sure if the police make special rounds on helicopters, but some high-ranking dolboob flying to the dacha can accidentally burn your room and hit anyone.

Try not to trample down the path along which the stranger will go and find your planting. Try to approach your plantation in different ways. And it will be better if you plant hemp closer to the river, swamp or lake – the water is heavy, and you will not like to carry it from afar. However, some make very cool satchels for carrying water, which makes their task easier. If only you do not live in a country with a very rainy climate, at least occasionally you will have to water your hemp.

If you want to get very big bushes, then winter is just the time when you need to make clones or germinate seeds. In addition to the fact that large bushes will give more cones, if you plant your cannabis with strong seedlings, it will have more chances to withstand unfavorable conditions and survive. Late planting also has its advantages, for example, when, to grow too tall bushes pale.


Drug Addiction and Rehab

The Role of Counseling in Addiction Treatment

Overcoming addiction requires a lot of work. While some start taking drugs or alcohol to try to be cool or to fit in with friends, most addicts get hooked due to a psychological or emotional need. After long term use, the body gets used to these chemicals and it becomes more difficult to fight off the craving.

The detoxification process is the most well-known stage of addiction treatment, and it is so because it is also the toughest. Patients, despite having the will or motivation to stop using, might stumble due to cravings. But once this physical dependence on the substance is broken, this part of the fight is over. In fact, detox will last only a few days.

The rest of the treatment will focus on identifying and dealing with the psychological or emotional triggers that push patients to use drugs or alcohol. These are also stimuli that might make a recovered addict relapse. First is stress, especially from sudden or unexpected life changes or struggles. Second, environmental cues like a specific place may also trigger a relapse. Lastly, being around friends who are users will make it very hard to say no and stay clean.

To address these stimuli, counseling is included in the addiction treatment program. It allows the patient to face personal issues and develop coping strategies without turning to drugs or alcohol. There are different types of counseling therapies that are usually part of rehab programs.

  1. Individual Therapy

These sessions help the patient unlock problems that might have propelled him to start drinking or taking drugs. Sometimes their addiction is also connected to another mental condition like depression, and the goal of the therapy is to provide support and replace the addiction with healthier ways to deal with these problems.

  1. Group Therapy

In these sessions, patients who are going through the same challenges meet and share their experiences, with the goal of supporting and challenging each other during the struggle to be free from addiction. Some group sessions in Taylor Recovery have a 12-Step programs may also be unsupported by a psychotherapist but initiated by other recovered addicts.

  1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

In CBT, the therapist helps the patient recognize specific situations, moods, or thoughts that stimulate the craving for alcohol or drugs. These triggers can then be avoided, and negative thoughts and feelings are replaced by happier and healthier ones to be able to stay clean. This approach is a long-term solution to addiction, but unfortunately, few therapists are trained or are capable of doing CBT.

  1. Contingency Management Therapy

This approach positively encourages staying clean by providing incentives like vouchers, privileges and the like. However, there is a risk that once these incentives stop, the patient might relapse.

  1. Couples or Intensive Outpatient Family Therapy
Because an addiction affects the family and the people surrounding the user, it might help to get partners and other loved ones into therapy sessions. They may act as a source of motivation or even the driving force for finally quitting.

Without dealing with these other triggers and reasons for abusing drugs or alcohol, you can never really say that the patient has fully recovered. Therapy will look at you and treat him as a whole person, allowing him to rebuild a life beyond alcohol or substance abuse.


Getting Rid of Head Lice

Lice Removal Dissected

How to get rid of head lice for good and that is based upon a lot of expertise with head lice and head lice eggs too called nits, within my children’s hair.

Head lice appear frequently in younger children’s hair. This is only because they do a lot of group play tasks and sit on a mat at the classroom listening to the instructor. Head lice don’t fly they’ve been passed from child to child by direct contact with the hair. So to avoid head lice among the first things I’d suggest when you’ve women it to plait their hair for college. Less swishy hair signifies that they are less inclined to brush their hair from a kid that already is infected.

Head lice are brownish or red colored depending on if they continue fed up, and they feed on the blood out of your child’s scalp. They leave a compound as soon as they’ve fed and this is exactly what causes the itching in addition to the head lice and their adorable tickly legs. The eggs are brown and adhere into the hair shaft. When dead the eggs or nits can be tricky to remove and sometimes you will simply have to use your palms and then also pass the egg down the shaft of the hair on something which you could then throw off or shake out. Head lice treatment isn’t for the squeamish.

The physicians all state use a nit comb, use tea tree oil and to use compounds. Nevertheless, that is the fail safe method to get rid of head lice but it is going to take a good deal of your time around 7-10 days, if you knock off for a single day then you might have months of head lice ahead of you…so do it correctly.

To begin with, if you visit nits or live ones go to the nearest pharmacy and purchase the lotions filled with substances to kill the live ones from the best lice treatment. No compound available on the market will ensure to kill all of the eggs and that’s the problem that requires fixing. Go out and purchase online the Nitty Gritty head lice comb. It’s absolutely amazing as the combs don’t split, they get exactly the live head lice and that the eggs/nits and if at any time it will split (mine is currently 4 years old and ideal) it will be replaced at no cost. Therefore a lifetime warranty. It’s about 6.50 but worth every cent. It’s something which you need to have in the cupboard in case you’ve got young kids as the prospect of you escaping head lice is slim, very slender.

Day one, care for your kid with the compounds following the directions on the box. Check different individuals in the house also, if it’s a terrible infestation with a great deal of live animals then I personally believe the entire house ought to be treated to reduce contamination from other members at the home.

Sticking to the compound treatment whilst the hair is wet or using a lot of conditioner, as the Nitty Gritty comb doesn’t operate on dry hair, go through section by part your kid’s hair with the comb searching for the nits and live ones caught in the comb. You will most likely discover some that the compounds haven’t killed.

It’s important that between day one and day 10 daily you get your kid’s hair with either conditioner or water to assist the comb slide through (I replicate the comb won’t work on dry hair) since you will come across a few of the eggs hatch in this period and it’s very important that you locate them before they get to age 5 times and have the ability to breed. The comb will locate these new hatchlings in case you’ve purchased the Nitty Gritty comb. Wipe them onto tissue and then eliminate them down the toilet. It’s time consuming if a child has long hair and also if you’re working and juggling a family it can be quite stressful but 10 times of the time is far better than 10 months.

How a Successful Digital Marketing Agency Launched a CBD Business

According to Forbes, Cannabis market has the potential to grow 700% by 2020
(link: ). This means that the CBD business can experience a surge in sales in the imminent future.

A Digital Marketing and SEO company became very successful after launching a website about CBD oil products! Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound in the cannabis plant that doesn’t give you that mind-altering “High.” – THC is mainly responsible for that. Many types of research show that CBD can be helpful in treating conditions and health diseases. One thing is for certain that a CBD business is definitely a business worth investing into, and many investors and companies are cashing in on the opportunity.

A successful digital marketing agency named Demco Digital (DD) (You can use any other name too) decided to make a quite uncharacteristic decision. William Cussans, CEO, and founder of DD has a long history of seizures. One of his friends told him about the potential health benefits of using CBD. According to Mr. Cussans, he thought his friend was making things up, he said: “We were having a dinner and all of sudden the topic of discussion became my seizure attacks. “ My friend suggested that I should use CBD oil; it can really help me with my seizures. I am not an avid fan of marijuana, and I decided to do some research on it and I found out that there are chances that CBD might help me.”

Mr. Cussans talked to his doctor and he was given a green signal to use CBD oil. He used it for one month and he was quite satisfied with the results: “I noticed that my seizure attacks were not occurring more often, and at first I was having concerns about getting “High,” but that didn’t happen either.”

The results were surely something that Mr. Cussans was not expecting at all. He was quite fascinated with CBD and he decided to do some research on the CBD business. It is an industry that is growing at a rapid pace, and what really fascinated him the most was that this industry is expected to grow at an exponential pace in the coming few years. Mr. Cussans shared the idea with his partners and told them about his intentions of launching a CBD business. “Everyone was quite thrilled when I presented the idea, and I was more confident than ever to start the business,” says Mr. Cussans.  Demco Digital launched their CBD oil business on 19 August 2017. Their business revolves around generating CBD oil from industrial hemp. They are expecting to expand the CBD business next year.

One thing that seems quite obvious is that CBD business has the potential and all the traits to become a huge success in the future. It has already become a big hit among people of different age groups. There is a wrong perception about CBD since it is extracted from cannabis, and people often perceive it the same as THC. It is imperative for everyone to understand that CBD has no negative impact on human body and it is safe to use.


How Cannabis Oil Cured Our Friend’s Dog

Cannabis oil has many health benefits for humans and it is used to treat many conditions and health problems. But did you know that it can also be beneficial for pets? Quite Recently we discovered this dog training website that helped us understand the symptoms of our dog. Yes, you read it right! It is actually quite helpful in assisting with many health problems of pets. Many veterinarians and dog owners have come out and vouched that cannabis oil’s healing properties are really helpful with many dogs’ conditions.

Our friend has a golden retriever and about a year ago the dog was diagnosed with depression and Arthritis. The symptoms were such as weight loss, less appetite, swollen joints, and laziness. The doctor prescribed the use of various supplements that can assist in treating arthritis in dogs. The problem was that the dog would often vomit after eating the supplements even if they were mixed with food.

We had heard that cannabis oil can be effective and we managed to find some CBD Vape oil in Ireland for treating conditions such as depression and arthritis. We recommended our friend to use cannabis oil and told him that there are chances of his dog getting healthy without the use of supplements.  He was hesitant at first (as expected), but we ensure him that there is no psychoactive compound in the cannabis oil and his dog would feel relief from pain. Our friend said that he would research it and let us know if he wants cannabis oil for their dog or not.

The next day, he came to our house and he was ready to have their dog treated with cannabis oil. We gave him cannabis oil and told him to use it in every meal of the dog – Only a few drops of oil would suffice.

We were quite certain that the cannabis oil would treat our friends’ dog. It is because of the reason that our relative has a healthy 13-year old dog, and he was diagnosed with cancer about 2 years ago. Here is a great website to find out about cbd hemp oil in Ireland. The doctors recommended chemotherapy to treat cancer, but our relative was not ready to have his dog go through so much pain and suffering. One of his colleagues from the office told him about using cannabis oil and he too was hesitant at first just like our friend. But then he decided to try it since time was running out.  He started giving drops of cannabis oil on regular basis and soon the dog started to recover. Now, the dog is healthy and living a happy life – it seems like cancer just vanished into thin air!

Anyways, back to our friend, soon the dog started to recover in a slow and gradual process. The dog began to eat more and he even started to move without much trouble. The signs were great, apart from some side effects such as occasional sleepiness and itchiness.  Now, the dog is perfect and healthy. Every now and then, our friend brings his dog to our house and our dog “Zorro” is always happy to see him around.

One thing is for certain that cannabis oil has CBD that creates no “high,” and it is perfectly healthy for dogs that are suffering from various conditions and health problems.

Your Top 5 Health Tips To Make You Feel Great

We all want to improve our health. However, it can seem like there is so much information that we are bombarded with on a daily basis, we don’t know what can really make a difference. Actually, often caring for our health is as simple as going back to basics. The 5 tips below outline exactly that.

1. Drink More Water
Water is crucial for our bodies. It helps to keep systems in working order and flush out all the harmful toxins we come into contact with every day.

2. Eat Colourful Food

When you sit down to eat a meal your plate should not look bland. If it is beaming back up at you with a variety of bright colours there is a lot more chance that the food you are about to eat is healthy. If you’re finding it difficult to get an adequate intake of fresh vegetables every day, then you can try using some healthy supplements. Just look for best health supplements 2018 to get some options of what you can take, and remember to do some research so you know what they are, and how they should work for you.

3. Start The Day With A Smoothie

At times our days can be so hectic that we really don’t know where to find the time to make healthy food. That is where your smoothie machine really comes into its own. Throw a mixture of fruit and vegetables in, press the button and start your day with a drenching of goodness.

4. Choose Exercise You Enjoy

We all need to exercise, however often we fall into a habit of stopping and starting with the exercise regime we set up for ourselves. What is the problem? Perhaps we have chosen a form of exercise we don’t particularly like. Choose something you enjoy doing and there is much more chance you will stick to it!

5. Inspire Yourself To Get Fit

Motivation is the biggest secret to keeping healthy. Set yourself goals and remind yourself of how much better you will feel with a healthier body. That way you will be more than willing to follow all the health tips you can find!