How Cannabis Oil Cured Our Friend’s Dog

Cannabis oil has many health benefits for humans and it is used to treat many conditions and health problems. But did you know that it can also be beneficial for pets? Quite Recently we discovered this dog training website that helped us understand the symptoms of our dog. Yes, you read it right! It is actually quite helpful in assisting with many health problems of pets. Many veterinarians and dog owners have come out and vouched that cannabis oil’s healing properties are really helpful with many dogs’ conditions.

Our friend has a golden retriever and about a year ago the dog was diagnosed with depression and Arthritis. The symptoms were such as weight loss, less appetite, swollen joints, and laziness. The doctor prescribed the use of various supplements that can assist in treating arthritis in dogs. The problem was that the dog would often vomit after eating the supplements even if they were mixed with food.

We had heard that cannabis oil can be effective and we managed to find some CBD Vape oil in Ireland for treating conditions such as depression and arthritis. We recommended our friend to use cannabis oil and told him that there are chances of his dog getting healthy without the use of supplements.  He was hesitant at first (as expected), but we ensure him that there is no psychoactive compound in the cannabis oil and his dog would feel relief from pain. Our friend said that he would research it and let us know if he wants cannabis oil for their dog or not.

The next day, he came to our house and he was ready to have their dog treated with cannabis oil. We gave him cannabis oil and told him to use it in every meal of the dog – Only a few drops of oil would suffice.

We were quite certain that the cannabis oil would treat our friends’ dog. It is because of the reason that our relative has a healthy 13-year old dog, and he was diagnosed with cancer about 2 years ago. Here is a great website to find out about cbd hemp oil in Ireland. The doctors recommended chemotherapy to treat cancer, but our relative was not ready to have his dog go through so much pain and suffering. One of his colleagues from the office told him about using cannabis oil and he too was hesitant at first just like our friend. But then he decided to try it since time was running out.  He started giving drops of cannabis oil on regular basis and soon the dog started to recover. Now, the dog is healthy and living a happy life – it seems like cancer just vanished into thin air!

Anyways, back to our friend, soon the dog started to recover in a slow and gradual process. The dog began to eat more and he even started to move without much trouble. The signs were great, apart from some side effects such as occasional sleepiness and itchiness.  Now, the dog is perfect and healthy. Every now and then, our friend brings his dog to our house and our dog “Zorro” is always happy to see him around.

One thing is for certain that cannabis oil has CBD that creates no “high,” and it is perfectly healthy for dogs that are suffering from various conditions and health problems.

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