Don’t smoke Pot – Good Reasons and Benefits to Quit Green Grass

If you want to stop smoking Weed, then you must first make the decision to quit. Making a conscious choice is different than just thinking, “I want to stop smoking grass,” because if you actually decide that you want it, it’s much more likely. It’s like people thinking about going out with friends, but there are reasons you do not want. But if you say, “I’m going out with my friends tonight,” then the decision is real.

What are your reasons to quit smoking?

If you have reasons to stop, it is a great motivator to think about it often. The more you think about why you want to stop, the more likely it is. If your reasons are good enough, then quitting will be easier because the benefits of quitting far outweigh the negative effects of stopping Weed. Here are the Three Reasons to Stop Smoking Weed:

1) You should stop smoking because it is bad for your health.

They may experience similar respiratory problems and diseases as smokers suffer. Although the content of carbon monoxide and tar inhaled by marijuana users is significantly higher than that of cigarette smokers. This is usually due to smoking a joint without a proper filter and the fact that you keep the smoke in your lungs for much longer. Smoking a marijuana joint causes as much harm to your body as smoking 28 cigarettes!

2) You may want to stop smoking grass because it may affect your ability to reproduce and have children.

Men who are heavy pot smokers often suffer from impotence and can not get an erection. Grass smoking is also responsible for reducing the sperm count. As for a woman, it could affect the regularity of your periods. This is mainly due to the weeds that slow down the release of vital hormones into the body.

3) You may want to stop smoking because you have a short-term memory loss.

Smoking marijuana releases a chemical called delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) into the brain. You can check out how to stop smoking pot on social media for this, also here is their Facebook and YouTube. THC will immediately target the part of your brain that shapes and stores your memories. This also affects your overall concentration

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