How To Get Bonuses from a Review Blog

Everyone likes a free bonus whenever a product is purchased.  Besides discounts, we are now saying that bonuses are playing an integral part in trying to get sales of products online.  You probably have seen the late night infomercials where products are being pushed.  Towards the end they will always either double the product offering or throw in some other bonus.

Getting the Right Bonus

This strategy is now often being used when buying digital products online.  Sites like will offer not just a full comprehensive review on a new digital product but will also offer some kind of bonus if the product is purchased on the site.  The reason for this is that most of the sites will be an affiliate of the vendor and get paid a commission for the product when a sale is made.

Heavy Competition

Since the competition is extremely fierce, many of these marketers and reviewers are competing with one another to offer the best bonus.  Many times you will see the same bonuses being offered across other review sites but occasionally some will offer something unique.  You can see a sample by checking out this Clipman review – a product that offers an easy way to create video type Logos and video introductions.

Some reviewers may actually create their own online course and offer this as a bonus.  However, it’s not going to help you if you’re buying a course on SEO when the reviewer is offering a bonus on something like how to buy crypto currencies.  You’ll want to find bonuses that complement the product you buy rather than being a drastic departure from the topic.  Of course there may be exceptions if you are interested in this other topic so it might be worthwhile.

Remember the Main Reason for Your Purchase

This is why a searching for different reviews of the same product can help you get the right bonus.  You should be aware though that your main concern is not the bonus but if the product itself is a good buy or not.  Read many different reviews to see if there are some consistent patterns.  If most of the reviews are negative then you may want to steer away from this product.  With these negative reviews some may offer an alternate product and include a bonus. The main point here is that you should never buy a product just because of the bonus. However, there are some extreme conditions where the reviewer created such an outstanding product that it was better than the course that was being reviewed. This is a rare case but it does sometime occasionally happen.

In the end, you should buy from the review website that has the best bonuses. If similar reviews say the product is a good buy, then the next step is to just choose your review site and make the purchase there. The bonuses are usually delivered  straight away but in the events it is not you should be able to contact the site owner.  Make sure there is contact information before making the purchase.