The 7 Habits To Keep Dental Problems At Bay

When it comes to dental hygiene, the best routine is one centered on a preventive approach. In short, you should focus on preventive dental care in maintaining your oral health. In as much as dental hygiene is more about keeping your teeth and gums clean, healthy and strong, you also need to consider the life habits can contribute to the deterioration of your mouth. As such, a proper dental hygiene routine should also account for dental diet. With that in mind, below is a simple routine that anyone can follow and maintain a proper dental hygiene.

Brush Daily

Brushing the teeth should be compulsory, a thing you do daily. In fact, dentists say brushing the teeth should be done after every meal. However, our lifestyles and the demands of the modern life push many people to pay little attention to their teeth let alone what they eat. Snacks are a typical meal taken in-between the hours of the day often during the short breaks in our busy schedules. Consequently, brushing after every meal may not be such a practical thing. The only other alternative, therefore, will be to brush before bed and when we wake up. In short, you should brush at least twice a day.

Floss Your Teeth

Brushing the teeth will only be effective to a certain degree, it is not 100% in getting rid of the food particles, germs, and bacteria that accumulate during the day. For this, you need to floss your teeth, and this should be a practice that complements your efforts to clean your teeth and gum through brushing. Flossing is more accurate since the floss gets between the gaps between the teeth to remove any of the food particles and germs that hide there.

Clean Your Tongue And Cheeks

You should remember that your mouth also constitutes of cheeks and the tongue, not just your teeth and gums, thus everything should receive the relevant attention when cleaning. The cheek and tongue can harbor bacterial species, and that be easily transferred to the teeth; hence these should also be brushed and cleaned along with the teeth and gums.

Brush The Lips

The lips are parts of the mouth that are exposed to the elements, and this makes them susceptible to dryness and a buildup of dead skin. Brush the lips using light pressure will remove the dead skin, remove any food particles and germs while also encouraging more blood flow to the lips thus making them look vibrant and healthy.

Use Mouthwash

Keep in mind that you cannot clean the mouth 100% since you cannot remove all the bacteria in your mouth, but you should focus on achieving around 97% – 99%. In a much as brushing and flossing will eliminate nearly 95% of the food particles, germs and bacteria in the mouth that cause tooth decay, bad breath, and other dental problems, the remaining 2% – 3% will be handled by a good quality mouthwash. The liquid can find its way between the teeth and every inch of the mouth killing the bacteria and strengthening your teeth while also give you fresh breath. The mouthwash can be the last thing to do when you are in the bathroom brushing your teeth and cleaning your mouth.

Check Your Dental Diet

What you eat can hamper your dental hygiene efforts. Therefore, you should pay attention to what you eat since food is the main source of dental problems. For starters, avoid sugary foods more so the artificial types because they weaken and damage your teeth. You may also want to consider eating less of other kinds of foods such as coffee, black tea, and some foods that stain the teeth. As you observe this, increase your intake of foods that contain calcium so that you can give your body what it needs to have strong and healthy teeth.

Go For Dentist Checkups

A visit to the dentist is also a necessary part of your dental hygiene routine. Do not make your visit a one-time thing or something that becomes necessary only when you experience any dental problem. See your dentist for routine check-ups even when you feel everything is okay with your mouth and teeth. It will be nice to get confirmation that your dental hygiene routine is working for you.