How a Successful Digital Marketing Agency Launched a CBD Business

According to Forbes, Cannabis market has the potential to grow 700% by 2020
(link: ). This means that the CBD business can experience a surge in sales in the imminent future.

A Digital Marketing and SEO company became very successful after launching a website about CBD oil products! Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound in the cannabis plant that doesn’t give you that mind-altering “High.” – THC is mainly responsible for that. Many types of research show that CBD can be helpful in treating conditions and health diseases. One thing is for certain that a CBD business is definitely a business worth investing into, and many investors and companies are cashing in on the opportunity.

A successful digital marketing agency named Demco Digital (DD) (You can use any other name too) decided to make a quite uncharacteristic decision. William Cussans, CEO, and founder of DD has a long history of seizures. One of his friends told him about the potential health benefits of using CBD. According to Mr. Cussans, he thought his friend was making things up, he said: “We were having a dinner and all of sudden the topic of discussion became my seizure attacks. “ My friend suggested that I should use CBD oil; it can really help me with my seizures. I am not an avid fan of marijuana, and I decided to do some research on it and I found out that there are chances that CBD might help me.”

Mr. Cussans talked to his doctor and he was given a green signal to use CBD oil. He used it for one month and he was quite satisfied with the results: “I noticed that my seizure attacks were not occurring more often, and at first I was having concerns about getting “High,” but that didn’t happen either.”

The results were surely something that Mr. Cussans was not expecting at all. He was quite fascinated with CBD and he decided to do some research on the CBD business. It is an industry that is growing at a rapid pace, and what really fascinated him the most was that this industry is expected to grow at an exponential pace in the coming few years. Mr. Cussans shared the idea with his partners and told them about his intentions of launching a CBD business. “Everyone was quite thrilled when I presented the idea, and I was more confident than ever to start the business,” says Mr. Cussans.  Demco Digital launched their CBD oil business on 19 August 2017. Their business revolves around generating CBD oil from industrial hemp. They are expecting to expand the CBD business next year.

One thing that seems quite obvious is that CBD business has the potential and all the traits to become a huge success in the future. It has already become a big hit among people of different age groups. There is a wrong perception about CBD since it is extracted from cannabis, and people often perceive it the same as THC. It is imperative for everyone to understand that CBD has no negative impact on human body and it is safe to use.


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