Growers Grew Medical Cannabis During Winter in Ireland.

This is a guide from our friend Liam who grows medical cannabis here in Ireland.

In this guide, Liam and Tom will tell us about how they grew cannabis over Wicklow mountains to help cure Liam’s skin cancer. Lads used strongest cannabis weed strains they could find and overall this is an Amazing story. Read on. Before you start growing you might need to find a Cannabis Seeds Bank Ireland to start growing amazing strains.

WINTER. Select a location

Winter is a great time to choose a place for partisan cultivation. Where exactly you plant your hemp is the most important decision of all. If you are a happy owner of a summer house or kitchen garden in the village and there are no uninvited guests there, consider that you have found the ideal place, but most groomers have to partisan, and this variant of cultivation has its own peculiarities. Although we do not approve the cultivation of cannabis on public lands, we also understand that people are doing it and will do it. All that remains for us is to warn Grover of gross mistakes that will lead to the discovery and loss of crops or to something worse. Irelands weather sometimes is a true wonder with massive fluctuations from sunny to cold.

Find a place where hardly anyone happens, whether it’s fishermen, mushroom pickers or hunters. A clearing with a power line may seem like an ideal place for you, but this is only until there is a sudden break in the wires. The best places are the most inaccessible, for example, among thickets of prickly bushes, nettles, raspberries or some sort of elevation far from well-groomed paths. Some growers prefer to hide their planting in reeds, but on marshy soil hemp may not grow at all, so you’ll have to use pots.

Going to the plantation, think of an alibi (hunting, fishing) and take with him what will confirm it, that is, a gun or a fishing rod. If possible, choose the slopes facing south, and do not forget about what your plantation will look like from a height. I’m not sure if the police make special rounds on helicopters, but some high-ranking dolboob flying to the dacha can accidentally burn your room and hit anyone.

Try not to trample down the path along which the stranger will go and find your planting. Try to approach your plantation in different ways. And it will be better if you plant hemp closer to the river, swamp or lake – the water is heavy, and you will not like to carry it from afar. However, some make very cool satchels for carrying water, which makes their task easier. If only you do not live in a country with a very rainy climate, at least occasionally you will have to water your hemp.

If you want to get very big bushes, then winter is just the time when you need to make clones or germinate seeds. In addition to the fact that large bushes will give more cones, if you plant your cannabis with strong seedlings, it will have more chances to withstand unfavorable conditions and survive. Late planting also has its advantages, for example, when, to grow too tall bushes pale.